Want to emulate Google’s company culture? It’s not about free snacks

June 21,2017

“Company culture” has become a buzzword in recent years. This Forbes article has gone as far as to assert that company culture is “everything”, and probably rightly so– The Wall Street Journ [Show more]

5 Must-Read Books For Entrepreneurs

January 16,2017

There is no single book that will, for every single person in the world, inspire, motivate or generate immense insight with just one reading. After all, every entrepreneur is different, with different [Show more]

5 Case Studies of Successful Unique Selling Propositions

January 14,2017

A unique selling proposition is what your business stands for, and what helps your brand stand apart from the myriad of competitors in the same industry. Rather than competing directly in a saturated [Show more]

7 of the Most Successful Startups That Started From A Garage

January 12,2017

Since most houses in the United States have a garage, many companies with low budgets started from their parents' garage. They have been endearingly termed 'Garage Startups', and have been known to gr [Show more]

Can Startups Win the Battle for Human Talent?

December 16,2016

Building human capital for startups has been an essential part of my entrepreneurship journey. It is no secret that a passionate and motivated team is one of the best resources that a company could ha [Show more]

30 Free Resources For Entrepreneurs and Startups

December 09,2016

We understand that for startups and new businesses, it would not be easy to, with limited funds, splash out large sums of money for softwares and tools that could increase productivity within the te [Show more]

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