5 Case Studies of Successful Unique Selling Propositions

5 Case Studies of Successful Unique Selling Propositions

A unique selling proposition is what your business stands for, and what helps your brand stand apart from the myriad of competitors in the same industry. Rather than competing directly in a saturated space and expecting instant results, a far better alternative would be to bank on a unique selling proposition and build your loyal customers from there.

Here are 5 examples of brands with great unique selling proposition for your inspiration!

TOMS Image Credit: TOMS


Armed with a simple, lightweight silhouette and a great idea, TOMS Shoes managed to allow the company to stand out amongst the thousands of other canvas shoe brands out there. Their unique selling point is their story and business model their company is built on — with every pair of TOMS purchased, they will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need. "Improving Lives", the brand reiterates, and they saw their shoes becoming a sartorial staple for countless Hollywood stars.

Mast Brothers Chocolate Image Credit: Mast Brothers Chocolate


A great example in "selling more by appealing to fewer customers"; Mast Brothers Chocolate is an American chocolate company who brands themselves as chocolate that came from the 18th century. Their proposition? They are craftsmen from a time before mass production; when craftsmen took time and trouble to make the best possible products. By pushing forth their story telling of a quality brand, coupled with riveting visuals and a clear brand identity, they managed to make a fortune from chocolate (which are, I should note, more than SGD$10 a block).

Ritz Carlton Luxury Hotel Image Credit: Ritz Carlton


One of the first few names to mind when thinking about premium, 5-star luxury hotels, Ritz Carlton has managed to craft a unique selling proposition that bleeds into their entire business model and their hundreds of hotel chains — 'We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen'. In that simple mission statement which doubles as their USP, they have identified both their target consumer base and the level of service they provide. The hotel chain is known for having great employees in the hospitality industry and their rigorous and comprehensive training/induction plan, the company has created a culture of interpersonal luxury.

Cards against Humanity Image Credit: Cards against Humanity


Not only just a ridiculously fun game, they have positioned their brand in a unique position — one never taken successfully by party games — and excelled tremendously at it. "Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people", they say, "unlike most of the party games you've played before." Their entire positioning as an unorthodox party game spreads to all their other marketing stunts — $6 for a piece of cow poop as their Black Friday sale (which more than 30,000 people bought, in fact), or increasing their cost by $5 instead. Their unique brand vision and product has helped maximize their growth, and both their brand and product has become a massive talking point.

Dollar Shave Club Image Credit: Dollar Shave Club


You might have seen (or at least heard of) their viral ad, which showcased their unique selling proposition in a quirky brand voice. They disrupted the industry; one that was previously monotonous and filled with your standardized razor and blades combination in the nearest NTUC or Cold Storage. They offered a real solution to a problem people didn't know they had, and kept to their unique selling proposition years later. Cheap, fuss-free razors every one or two months, and made the chore one to enjoy. It was successful too; they just announced that they were to be acquired by FMCG giant Unilever.


At Workwander, our unique selling proposition is simple — instantaneous co-working spaces bookings on-the-go, so that we can bring you the freedom to work. What will be your brand's story?

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