6 Companies With Excellent Social Media Presence

6 Companies With Excellent Social Media Presence

A minefield of potential and now a minimum to all businesses wishing to engage with their target audience, social media has become integral to the marketing plans of many. Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, and a brilliant one can help improve brand awareness and brand loyalty cost effectively.

We have listed down 6 companies that have excellent social media presence, and maintain a great social relationship with their target audiences till today, for you to be inspired from!

General Electric Image Credits: Formiche


One that you might not expect to see on the list, but GE has had a steady and strong social media presence. For a 123-year-old company, GE has kept up with their digital marketing with over 1.7 million Facebook likes, over 430k Twitter Followers, won a Best Brand on Vine Shorty award (the oscars for social media) and was a finalist for various other categories.

GE has some of the most engaging content you will find from a major company across the social media spectrum—Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Vine (they joined it they day after it was launched, showing its early adoption), Pinterest, Google+ and Tumblr. An example of their interactive challenges include their #6SecondScience Fair when it asked its audience: "How much science can you fit into six seconds?", which saw more than 500 videos entered. They also populated their visual-centric Instagram and Pinterest accounts with photographs and infographics to bring typically dry science to life.

Oreo Image Credits: Eskipaper


With over 42 million likes on Facebook, 822k followers on Twitter and 2.1 million followers, Oreo makes for a great case study on successful social media marketing. It's been three years since they tweeted out a timely "Dunk in the Dark" during the Super Bowl blackout (which gained 13,000 retweets quickly and multiple media mentions), and it still remains something companies aim to emulate or exceed.

Such timeliness is not just a result of a sheer stroke of luck; the brand had consistently built a strong following on all their channels which formed a base for the tweet to reach a large audience. They have consistently put out interesting and humorous posts/tweets that are current, and put in effort for their various videos and gifs on their page to significant engagement.

Amazon Image Credit: The Verge


Amazon is the e-commerce company in many parts of the world, and they understand the effect of a solid social media strategy. Based in the United States and started as a garage startup, they have a central branding account and one for each of their separate products (such as Amazon Music and Amazon Web Services) and utilize social media to its fullest potential.

Not just an 180 characters, Amazon uses Twitter as a means for immediate conversions — users can send items directly from Twitter by responding to product tweets with the hashtag #AmazonCart. They also make use of social selling through SnapChat, converting users through Snap Deals — exclusive one-off coupon codes released through each snap. This is seen through their product offerings as well — Kindle e-book readers can send public notes on Twitter and Facebook about sections of the books they are reading.


Scoot Airlines Image Credit: Scoot Airlines | Churpieblogs


You might have, or at least seen at least one of your friend share one of the contests hosted by Scoot Airlines. With wildly exciting competitions and promotions conducted frequently, high level of engagement with its consumer base, and social media pages that match its irreverent brand tone, Scoot Airlines is a great case study on great social media marketing. In fact, they've won the "Marketer of the Year" award in the Marketing Excellence Awards for 2014, 2015 and 2016.

They've also frequently collaborated with influencers, such as sending The Sam Willows to Sydney, and even with regular everyday people by sending and filming them on all expenses paid trips for use on social media. By playing up their image as a young and playful airline, they've bantered with SGAG on Facebook, and introduced humor even in their everyday announcement posts.

GoPro Image Credit: GoPro | Youtube


Through harnessing the power of user-generated content, the camera manufacturer often encourages GoPro users to send in photographs and videos that they took with the product. This allows great content to be easily shared on social media but also acts as a form of assurance where people could see the product immediately in action. At least 6,000 videos uploaded on YouTube are tagged 'GoPro' everyday, and they have more than 3.2 million subscribers on the video sharing platform. They're a great example of letting your audience take over your brand's promotion — a boost in both customer engagement and customer loyalty!

In fact, Paul Grandell said at Ad Age's 2014 CMI Strategy Summit, "We’re not just a camera anymore. We’re an enjoyment platform for people around the world to watch."

Netflix Image Credit: Business Pundit


Understanding their core audience and their product is the basis of their marketing strategy — from famous quotes of one of its available titles or gifs, that summarizes how their audiences feel about the site, Netflix creates content that resonates with users while creating a brand for itself through its social media efforts. 

Making use of geo-targeting for their Facebook Pages, content is split through the regions to help them offer only the most relevant to each geographical region. They also run multiple regional accounts on Twitter, with the most prominent being the one in U.S., garnering over 2.46 million followers. Making use of hashtags such as #NowOnNetflix and owning the term 'Netflix and Chill' (an internet euphemism for casual sex), they have created a comprehensive social media strategy worth learning from.

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