7 of the Most Successful Startups That Started From A Garage

7 of the Most Successful Startups That Started From A Garage

Since most houses in the United States have a garage, many companies with low budgets started from their parents' garage. They have been endearingly termed 'Garage Startups', and have been known to grow some of the most world-renowned companies. Here are 7 global brands that started out from a small garage.


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The story starts in 1994, before the Internet era even began. Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon — one of the largest international electronic commerce and cloud computing companies today — started an online bookstore from his garage in Seattle. He even had to buy an old wooden door to use as a desk! Now, Amazon is not only the biggest e-commerce platform in the U.S., but even venturing out into manufacturing spaceships, and bringing in 107 billion dollars of sales each year.

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There appears no need for introduction of Apple; one of the leading multinational technological company that designs, develops and sells consumer electronics, computer software and online services. In fact, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak first constructed the Macintosh, the Apple computer, from the garage of Jobs' parents. A mighty upgrade from the garage, construction of Apple's headquarters in Cupertino California will be completed in 2017 with an expected 13,000 employees to work there.

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Everyone's childhood (even adult) dream. Roy and Walt Disney first produced their animation movie in a small wooden garage of their uncle's! Now, The Walt Disney Company (often referred to as simply, Disney) is the biggest media group which runs movie production, broadcasting systems, and also several theme parks across the globe. From classics like Bambi and Fantasia to global hit Frozen, its surprising to find that all these world renowned feature films actually has its roots in a small garage.

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4. HP

77 years ago, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, more commonly known as HP, started as a manufacturer for small instruments like measuring tapes. At the time, HP had a grand total budget of $538. Today, HP is a global corporation and leader in the computer industry, providing IT finance, hardware and software. In fact, Disney (our third startup listed) was actually one of the first customers of HP.

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Google — the search engine mecca and the most popular on the market right now. No surprise now, but Google was actually a small startup founded by two Stanford graduates in their parents' garage! Nearly everything to do with the Internet became synonymous with Google; they specialse in online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, software and hardware. Fun fact: Google now boasts 58,000 employees and has been voted the most desired company to work by BusinessInsider in for three years in a row now.

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In 1975, Microsoft was founded with limited resources and a small garage space. The two co-founders, Paul Allen and Bill Gates focused on making computer software. Now, both of them are listed on the 100 richest people in the world by Forbes. Well, on top of being credited as the founders of one of the largest and most well known technology company with software eponymous to office work.

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While a trunk of a car is not a garage per say, it is definitely an unexpected location for one of the largest marketer of atheletic shoes, apparel, and sports equipment! Philip Knight and Bill Bowerman founded a small shoes company named 'Blue Ribbon Sports' and sold shoes from a Japanese manufacturer. Two years on, they changed their name to Nike and opened their own store and shoe line — a sports brand still very much relevant today. According to Frobes, Philip Knight is listed as the 15th richest person in the world.

Now, that's an inspiration.

Article adapted from Smart Income by HowieMonkey

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