Review: Impact Hub Singapore

Review: Impact Hub Singapore

About Impact Hub:

Being the pioneer of coworking, Impact Hub is home to one of the largest coworking communities in Singapore, with a focus on community, collaboration, and connections.

Apart from the Cuppage Terrace space, they also have another outlet located at Prinsep Street; the latter being part of their recent expansion plan to accommodate the growing community of both local and foreign startups. Impact Hub seeks to help startups engage in cross-sector collaborations by offering programmes such as hub mentoring, consultancy sessions and even access to funding and incubation.

The space also takes pride in establishing connections through networking events to encourage both business relations and friendships.


Our take:

Located on the second level of Cuppage Terrace, you probably would not notice the Impact Hub Singapore amidst the entire row of restaurants and bars. The entrance is located just beside FIVE bar and a short walk up the stairway leads you to the spacious coworking space.

impact hub

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The hot-desking area at Impact Hub consists of 4 large common tables, which can sit up to 10 people each, along with a few desks against the walls. Each common table comes with multiple power sockets, making it convenient for charging of multiple devices. Apart from the natural lighting from outside, potted plants, glass cups and bottled water provided at each table further add a touch of homeliness to the otherwise corporate setting.

impact hub

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Apart from the slight murmuring from discussions held in the meeting rooms, the working environment here is mostly quiet as people at the hotdesk area usually work individually. Discussions can be held in the pantry area where sofas are provided for members to mingle with each other over a cup of coffee or tea. Also, being one that is afraid of the cold, I liked that the air-conditioning here was just right and my cardigan was enough to keep me warm.

Overall, the vibes at this place is vibrant, with positive energy buzzing around, with everyone is brimming with ideas and engaging in discussions.



The meeting rooms at Impact Hub are named after local drinks such as Milo Dinosaur and Kopi O.

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