Review: TRIBE by TEC

Review: TRIBE by TEC


As a creative freelancer, I frequent co-working spaces twice a week to complete the tasks at hand. There are many components that affect the effectiveness of a coworking space for me. Here’s my review on TRIBE – my newest find!


Awesome! Get to TRIBE in three minutes: Take Exit G from Raffles MRT station, walk towards the Singapore River on the right, walk past McDonald’s on the left and you’re at Circular Road!


I really need that afternoon cup of pick-me-up coffee. Or tea. I really enjoyed TRIBE’s range of beverages, that includes mocha, soya milk, Milo, Dilmah tea and more. If you are too busy to head out for lunch, Nissin cup noodles are available to users at $2.50. If you want to bring your own packed lunch, you can pop it into the microwave for a heated meal.


Need to print documents? Black and white copies are priced at $0.30 per page, while colour copies are priced at $2 per page.



Lighting is certainly an important factor for conduciveness.  TRIBE is one of the most well-lit coworking spaces I have been to. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow for natural lighting to come in – perfect for when you have to read lengthy documents or write notes.


TRIBE’s space is peaceful and quiet; and the occasional chatter gives the working area a sense of warmth and community. Soft tunes are also played in the background, which really helps with focus.


The temperature of air-conditioned areas has always been an issue for me. I find it extremely tough to focus when I’m freezing in the office – even the steamiest cup of hot chocolate will not help. I found TRIBE’s temperature to be just the right amount of cool.



I’m down to my favourite thing about TRIBE, its spaciousness! I absolutely love the ample space of the work area. There is even a lounge area where users can sit down, chat and relax. I find roomy spaces to be very helpful in sparking creativity.

TRIBE is definitely one of the most well-designed co-working spaces I’ve been to. The wooden tables, sofas and soft furnishing make the space a cosy environment. As a huge fan of the FRIENDS sitcom, the brick walls and design of the lounge area reminds me of the Central Perk. I am officially won over.

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51B Circular Road

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