Corporate Solutions

Corporate rates are detailed in the table below.

Companies may apply for the Work-life Grant; more information here.

Starting-Out Package ($1,000) Flexible-Work Package ($5,000) Work-Anywhere Package ($10,000)
Credits $1,500 worth of credits (Up to 300 hours of co-working time) $7,500 worth of credits (Up to 1,500 hours of co-working time) $15,000 worth of credits (Up to 3,000 hours of co-working time)
Employees/users For up to 10 employees/users For up to 30 employees/users For up to 50 employees/users
Access to Networking Events
Discounts on Value-Added Services (e.g., Corporate Services)
Recommended For Small enterprises who are starting their flexible working journey. Medium enterprises Large enterprises or small medium enterprises who practice flexible-working on a day to day basis/frequently

Want a package customised to your needs? We hear you — feel free to contact us for further discussion.


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